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Wholesale Commercial Outdoor Holiday Decorations

The Vogel Display TeamVogel Display Corporation made its debut on September 3, 1984. We opened for business that Monday morning in the garage that was attached to the home of our founder, Harold Vogel. Here's how it happened:

Harold is a true jackpine savage, which means he's from the icebox of Northern Minnesota. For many years, together with his father and brother, he ran a boatbuilding company in Bemidji, not far from Canada. When they sold the company, Harold moved his family south in search of a warmer climate, and landed in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

There he first made the acquaintance of our industry. For several years he managed the Commercial Holiday Displays division of a larger company, and then, encouraged by family and friends as well as many of the contacts he had made, he and his son Mike opened their own wholesale holiday decorations shop, and Vogel Display Corp. was born.

We ran three shifts that first fall season, and very quickly outgrew our space. The garage overflowed into the driveway, shipping had invaded the dining room, and trucks clogged the avenue. It was time to move.

Thus began a migratory existence which included three moves into rented spaces which seemed large when we arrived and hopelessly cramped when we left them. For the first several years our sales nearly doubled every year, then tapered off to a more comfortable 15-20% annual growth. In 1992, after eight years, we bought out the division that Harold used to work for, and that did it. We had to have our own place.

Our present facility is located in Becker, Minnesota, a small town between Minneapolis and St. Cloud. We built a brand-new building here and moved into it in 1994. We have room to breathe now and to expand, and we like the small-town atmosphere. We plan to stay here.

Mike at his deskWhen we built it, our spacious, modern, 23,000 square foot facility seemed a far cry from the humble two-car garage where Vogel Display began its existence, but you guessed it -- we've already had to add on. In 2008 we added a large warehouse to our building.

A lot has happened in the years we've been in business. But some of the same people are still here, accomplishing the same tasks with the same enthusiasm for quality work and customer care. Some things haven't changed.

Our new home sits right across the tracks from downtown Becker. You can't miss it--our logo covers the side of the building. If you're driving by on MN Hwy 10, consider yourself invited to stop in and say hello. Harold is retired now, but he still stops in sometimes. These days Mike is in charge and he's mostly here, unless it's the off season and he happens to be golfing. If you like, we'll take you for a tour of Santa's workshop. We'd love to show you what we do. We're proud of it.

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